May. 15th, 2017

cybermule: (books)
I read these two novels back to back over a couple of weeks. I'd had Concretopia ( recommended to me by Ashlyme. I read about the Lost Art of Dress ( on Facebook and decied to give it a random go so that I'd learn something new.

They are both similar in some respects charting the history of British brutalist architecture on one hand, and women's fashion in the 20th century on the other. I read the fashion book first, shortly before I coincidentally acquired a sewing machine. So it was interesting in some respects, especially charting the more utilitarian fashions of the 50s which have become icons, such as Hooveralls. Actually real genuine interest in something I had no thoughts about. Until I got to the 60s and descended into a continuous waspish drone about how shit literally *everything* was at that point dahling.

So I skim read it until I got entirely sick of the sight of it and then took it back to the library. Think I just shoved it bac through the dropbox, to add insult to injury. Some interesting thoughts though as I ponder making my own garments.

Concretopia was much for fun. A gentle mix of political history and architecture with enough humour and humility to get over the fact that the author was a bit besotted with all things concrete. A much more enjoyable read that I actually learned from, despite being a bit of a cement geek myself.

So I'd recommend that one really :-)

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