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Electric scooter is finally back in one piece ready to go for its MOT. Which I still need to book. Sigh.

Large solar panel lives in the back garden charging up car batteries, whch then go to the laptops and other portable devices via a 1kW invertor.

Small solar panel now screwed to the front wall of the house, soaking up the rays and charging a plethora of 12v batteries to go through a 200w invertor and charge phones and so on.

Would do photos, but in all honesty it's just a sea of crocodile clips and wires. Not that interesting. Will look into the big water heating domestic stuff one day though, in case I need to dispose of some capital suddenly ;)
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Well, yesterday was the last day at work. I feel kind of numb about it, to be honest. Or maybe I just don't care that much, although I think I do. I would certainly rather have kept going another few months, but the odds were against it. I'm slightly nervous about my mental health. I've always had regular employment (or study) for nearly twenty years now. I've a little slef-esteem attached to it, certainly, but not so much that I value it highly. More that the odd couple of months here and there where I have had no work have been closely associated in my memory with depression, insomnia and plummeting mental health. There's a whole chicken and egg argument with this, and I know there are many factors then and now to work into the equation. I'm just kinda edgy is all I'm saying.

Anyway, I took a lot of positive things from the job. It was a linker to get me over leaving my career-type employment with little trauma. It was independent income and a chance to get out of the house and socialise in a work-chum type way. It was an immense confidence boost in that I not only became a lot more sure of what I knew, but also of how well I could constructively bullshit. Sometimes it's good to be detached from your work. And finally it was a good first step in a field which I've felt strongly drawn towards for a while now. I can build on this in several directions. My boss said I was good, and I should carry on in the field, and he was a nit-picking old queena boss of high standards.

I won't miss the endless sweeping and the arsehole customers. I only wish I'd been ruder.

Anyhow, future opportunities:

- expand the private gardening (at least deliver the leaflets I made at business class ages ago)
- chase the horticultural therapy voluntary post
- chase G re extra work on the IT-garden fusion project
- send my CV to Jekka's Herb Farm (who sounded interested)
- wait to hear back from garden centre B
- chase garden centre A

Plenty to do :)

Work stuff

Aug. 16th, 2008 07:41 pm
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You know what, I actually went to a work do that I enjoyed last week. It was actual fun - we had a few beers, talked about this and that (not work!!!!) and just wore some nice clothes (not brand new £100 dresses!!!). Nobody was hugely emotionally invested in it, and it was just so much better than the dismal parties in the last place I worked. I could actually be said to be looking forward to the Christmas do a tiny bit. Or at least, not dreading it ;)

Anyhoo, not to let this single positive experience cloud my plans to get out of there early next year... It looks good on my CV, it's a great career start, and it's mostly ok. I hate working in retail sometimes - people think it's ok to just randomly lay into you about nothing in particular, and I'm not sweet or dumb enough to live with that for long.

So the plan is to spend this year working at Wyevale, doing my new gardening gig (yeah, I got one of those :)) and finishing my web skills certificate. Early next year, I'm going to try and get a gardening job with the NT and/or some nursery experience, after I've done my RHS certificate. Autumn 2009, I'll start my level 3 certificate. 2010 (when sprog possibly starts nursery) I'm going for one of the NT careerships.

I don't actually want a career - just a job that I can settle into at a satisfying level. Head gardener somewhere with accommodation attached would be pretty sweet. I haven't ruled out the option of doing more voluntary work at Westonbirt or the NT, or going to work in one of their education offices or plant sales areas.
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Two hours of tedious christening do with my mum's family. Gads. Sometimes I can see why my mum started drinking.

In other news, I can recycle my tetrapaks and dead toaster at the local tip.
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To do:

Plan borders
3 month page in Ben's book
Ben's passport photo
Download photos
sort photos
massage Ben
phone doctor
skim later plant books
proper journal entry
catch up on mail


Aug. 5th, 2007 08:50 pm
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Today I went to volunteer induction at Westonbirt Arboretum. I'm going to be a stroller (wandering information person) and help with landscaping. Quite ambitious with a baby, but I think I'm going to really enjoy it. I'll keep it low key. I'd love to work there, or take up one of the National Trust's warden internships, and this will be excellent experience.

I snarfed a £300 quid cheque for an Access Database I made when I went to Brighton last year. W00t.

I'm going to start setting ten goals for each week. I don't want to overstretch or pressure myself, so again with the low-key, but I do want to achieve small things. So here goes:

- phone nan
- visit Jean
- get haircut
- Hestercombe
- tend herb bed

- clear greenhouse
- plant 5 x plants
- phone vet
- print 6 photos of Ben

- enter 10 plants on database

(next week - propagation, Rome photos and RHS exercises)
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Today I put all the edging tiles around the back garden - they've been sitting in a box for about 4 years! And the other bit of good news is that there were so many, I'm going to have enough for the front garden. Or maybe a bed in the back garden next year. Hmm. I do fancy a flower bed...

All of my veggie plants are planted out. Still left to do this week:

action )
garden pics )


Apr. 25th, 2007 11:58 am
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I have loads of vegetable seeds sprouting, and either today or Friday I'll be planting out the salads. I'm also going to grow spuds in containers this year, to see what happens. Don't think I'll be making it up to the allotment over much.

I'm also going to use tesco's delivery trays as pplanting boxes, with a bit of spiffing up using some spare wood.
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Finish trimming rose
Plant out Euphorbia
dig up unidentified tree sproutings
Buy and distribute two or three more bags of bark mulch
rake gravel
kill littering chavs
buy rooting hormone and a big knife (not linked to previous point)
transplant cotton lavendar from back
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More bark chips
Top off the herb and desert beds with bricks
Fix the coping on the front wall
Put edging round the bark beds
get more slate chips
rearrange shrubbery

Of course, if anyone knows someone who can do cement work (bricks, fixing the pebbledash round the front door etc) I'd be happy to pay for a day's work - can't afford too much, but it would be a fairly relaxed environment :)
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Sort out Utah photos
Post travel journals
Set up photo folder
Fix hoover
Fix lawnmower
Set up holiday folder
Set up laptop and secrete monitor
Trim bushes before they turn mecha and eat people
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Soooo... what's what in the stable?

Well, firstly, thanks to all the people who expressed sympathy for my fragile mental state in my last post. Sympathy is nice, however little I'm angling for it. Mostly those posts are just there to try and galvanise me into sorting my life out, but the sympathy and understanding is nice.

I think since last Wednesday, both the physical and the mental health have been out of whack. Saw ex on Wednesday, on a work trip to Exeter, which always annoys me. I have no idea why it does, but it always stresses me out. Enough to have not slept at all on Wednesday night, and to therefore be ill on Thursday.

So I think that's enough seeing my ex. There are actually a lot of concrete reasons why he stresses me, but going into them here is just whinging.

Enough ex already.

So, Thursday morning was a write-off due to lack of sleep. I did a little work on Thursday afternoon, but felt utterly nauseous and pretty much gave up, except to go to my final women's group in the evening. That felt weird. It'll be the last one until September. Maybe forever. We'll see how it goes - the plan is to go to ACOA instead.

Staggered into work on Friday, then staggered off home again sick, and had a couple of hours sleep. Went out with my brother and Em on Friday eveing, to Zero Degrees and a few other pubs. Had a good eveing, although the food may have been dodgy as we all ended up sick by the end of the evening.

Spent Saturday slacking, and playing Black and White on [profile] 0c0tpus' new laptop. Forgot how good that game was. Went walking on Sunday with my friend Lou. Ate so much roast dinner, my stomach hurt. Although, bear in mind that I hadn't really eaten anything to speak of since Wednesday evening due to intense barfiness.

Appetite's returned, though. Hopefully, I can run tonight. Tried last night, and it was a disaster, as I was nearly sick. I'd upped the running cycle to two minutes on, two minutes off, and it hurt too much.

So really, I have to address the issue of what keeps making me sick. It's not funny any more, and I can't totally blame my ex. I blame work quite a lot. I've got to really hate it - every time my self-esteem crawls up above the normal minimum, somebody at work kicks it back down again.

I'm not interested, and I don't feel appreciated or valued. So I need a good hard think through all my options.

Luckily, I'm going to have plenty of chance to do that, with a six day weekend coming up. I'm going on a big walk on Castlemorton Common on Thursday. Pub lunch, maybe a stroll up the Malverns. Followed by a weekend in my own house, doing all those DIY odds and ends that stress me out in the wee small hours. And lots of walking and swimming and playing of games.

Then another weekend away doing healthy stuff. Then a weekend in North Wales. Woohoo. And I've booked plenty of days off.

So plenty of quiet healthy living, and thinking.
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I finished my Women into Enterprise course today. I'm pretty sure I passed, and I'm getting a big buzz from that, but on the other hand I'm really sad that it's come to an end.

I also arranged to take a term's break from my Women's counselling group. My life is going to be stunningly unstructured.

Except I got another landscaping commission.

Last night I went to see "Nights at the Circus" at the Bristol Old Vic, and it was really good. Made me want to go off and re-read my Angela Carter.

I nearly got minced by a really evil white van driver on the M4 on the way home this morning.

And I'm on holiday next week. So no updates. Although I would finally like to type up my weekend in Rome.
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I ran about a mile today. I should add this to my exercise log card. I should also pay some cash into my bank account.

One of the things I've learned about work in the past few days is to try and cram the things I have to do in the time I have available. I did my minutes in about half an hour today. Normally it takes much longer. Now they're probably a bit shitter than if I'd taken an hour or two to do them, but not significantly shitter.

Certainly not 100% shitter.

And it'll take me less than the remainder of the time to mindlessly implement peoples' comments. Which are political rather than factual anyway.

I can't be bothered wasting chunks of my life in some of the work that I have to do. Does it show too badly? I think I've reached a point where I've had enough, as I've started to slightly dread going into work every morning. It started after my last holiday. It's not bad enough to flake out, but it is enough to hate about 60% of my job.

Oh, and my ex is an arse. Seems like everyone else noticed that but me, up until the last month or so.

Guess my brain is changing again.

Teh busy

Feb. 18th, 2006 01:01 pm
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Well, someone is finally coming round to value, maybe even buy, my dad's stamp collection on Thursday. It's a bit of a mixed blessing to be honest - I know I can't keep the stamps for ever, but selling something so precious to my dad is really hard to do. There might eb a lot of money involved, so I was thinking of treating myself to a holiday with some of it. Somewhere really cool, that my dad would have loved to see, but never got around to.

I don't know, really.

As well as sorting that out, I tied up a few loose email ends. And ordered some potatoes for my allotment. It's a pretty big patch, so I don't think it'll hurt to devote some of it to spuds.

I watched a programme on Thursday night about paying off your mortgage in two years. The level of disruption to my life would be unacceptable - this is why I work part-time, for the government... no hassle - but it made me think. It's not impossible that I could pay it off in the enxt five years, with little stress or compromise. Then I'd own my own house. Once I get my business plans off the starting blocks, I could work anywhere. Renting my house out, living by the seaside 6 months a year. It would all be a possibility if I pulled my finger out and got my finances sorted.

In other news faintly related to business, I'm sick to the back teeth of working with NLP coaches trying to set up websites. They may be hot as shit at coaching other people, but have no sodding idea what they want. Or at least, not until you made a trail page for them. Then they don't want it. I'm going to stop being so fluffy and start charging people for wasting my time. I'll have a think about it, and devise a quote system. Probably a quick home page, to give them idea, and a bill for finishing the rest of it.

Like I said, needs thinking on.

It really is a lovely day. I just cleared a load of waste out my front garden. People keep chucking rubbish into it, though :(
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Stuff to do:

Sort out tiles and seals in bathroom
Board up gaps in kitchen
Seals in kitchen, by sink
Shelves in porch
Blind in lounge
Paper and pipes in lounge
Hang pictures
Skirting boards

I guess I'll just take a weekend to do it some time.


Feb. 7th, 2006 03:54 pm
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I suddenly realised just how fed up I am with carrying so much crap around with me. I just don't need it all.

In fact, all I need is wallet, keys, purse, phone, small notebook + pen, diary, paperback. I could fit all that into a much smaller bag.

So - note to self = get my small green bag back and use that instead!
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I've finally cleaned up the spare bedroom, so my new lodger can move in on Monday. Fingers crossed she won't be a complete psycho. It looks nice - I put the red curtains from my room in there, and there's going to be a red rug too.

I have new curtains in my room. They're dark blue, with light blue stars on, and some rather pissed off looking bats.

And I can see some of the floor in the spare room.

Left to do:

Phone man AGAIN about dad's stamp collection
Put stuff in loft
Tidy my room
Give the rest of the house a quick spritz before monday.

I'll try to do all that by the time I go to bed on Monday evening.
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Spare room:
To get my decks up and sorted by 18th February, and to have space to sit nicely with people and play on them.

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