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The garden was going great til the sun blasted it to brown twiggy dust. I mostly refuse to water things. Before they died from this straight-edge horticultural policy, the smoke bush and acanthus both flowered for the first time this year, which made me proud. The allotment has started yielding actual edible food. And the gardening business has got to the stage now where I'm actually starting to be glad when prospective clients *don't* phone, as it takes a while to fit them in. That'll hopefully change when the B-boy gets settled at nursery and I establish a regular gardening day.

Talking of nursery, they're kind of sketchy. I'm not sure if all nursery schools would piss me off by default, or whether it was a mistake plumping for the Steiner option, but they're rubbish at sorting things out. We'll see how it pans out. We've not even addressed the issue of the consent form that allows them to dose the child with homeopathic Arnica if he falls over or experiences "other shock". If you google Ben Goldacre, you'll find out why I can't be arsed with homeopathy, but in a SFW package. More importantly, experiencing the odd physical setback is part of life's rich tapestry IMO, and I'm not keen on the sprog being educated into taking medicine every time he falls on his bum. The plus points are breadmaking, stonking outdoor walks in dried up bullrush ponds, and carpentry for toddlers :)


Jun. 12th, 2007 06:55 pm
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Came to a good agreement with the allotment people - I can have a quarter plot, which gives me room for three decent size beds. This is all I need for bulky vegetables and a wild flower bed, and it frees up space for someone else. Went up to the allotment for an hour and started work.

I love my gardening :)

Also, it's part of the rule to all get out of the house once a day. Yesterday was an ambitious shopping trip and my first public breastfeed. It was [ profile] 0ctopus' first try at changing on the road, too. Gardening was more chilled, and tomorrow I reckon we should all go for a coffee in the town centre.

When they're fed and changed and clean, they're absolutely gorgeous. The rest of the time is worth it, but I am tired.
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I like to start a break with a bit of a tidy up. Especially when that gets rid of the mountain of bits of paper that have been obscuring my desk at home for weeks now. I've improved the layout of my room - there's a new bookcase to give some nursery space, and my dad's set of shelves is now on my desk, which I'm really pleased with.

Other than that, from now on I'm limited to one useful chore around the house per day. The only exception to that is anything to do with plants or photos - I can do as much as I want there as they're both relaxing and sadly neglected right now. It'll be good to catch up.

Basically, I don't have to go back to work until the 23rd. Woot!

One thing - I want to get myself a cheap printer. Colour would be nice, along with low running costs (although I'm not going to print much). The crunch is that it needs to work with Linux (specifically Ubuntu). This is the sort of thing I hate organising with Linux, so if anyone knows one that will work...

We had our first ante-natal class yesterday. Along with the expectant couple from hell - they've had sickness, diabetes, waters breaking, separating pubis, wrong shaped coccyx, and the local nappy scheme didn't cover the expensive american nappies they'd had their eye on ;) Seriously, I've been blessed with an easy pregnancy, and I really do have sympathy for them. But some people just seem to be disaster areas that you can spot coming...

My mum's still ensconced in hospital. Which is great, because as she's now one week clear of any vodka consumption, she's actually reasonably pleasant company. Physically she's knackered - she can't even sit up of her own accord. If I were more religious, I would say that that sort of alcoholism is a demon possession - it sucks you dry of everything, then just re-animates you into a vicious banshee. Here's hoping it'll last a couple of months. Wouldn't it be great if she were sober for the birth of her first grandchild?*

* I know that this is probably hideously unrealistic, but it doesn't seem to help anything much to assume the worst is going to happen, so I'm just going to hope for the best

Teh busy

Feb. 18th, 2006 01:01 pm
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Well, someone is finally coming round to value, maybe even buy, my dad's stamp collection on Thursday. It's a bit of a mixed blessing to be honest - I know I can't keep the stamps for ever, but selling something so precious to my dad is really hard to do. There might eb a lot of money involved, so I was thinking of treating myself to a holiday with some of it. Somewhere really cool, that my dad would have loved to see, but never got around to.

I don't know, really.

As well as sorting that out, I tied up a few loose email ends. And ordered some potatoes for my allotment. It's a pretty big patch, so I don't think it'll hurt to devote some of it to spuds.

I watched a programme on Thursday night about paying off your mortgage in two years. The level of disruption to my life would be unacceptable - this is why I work part-time, for the government... no hassle - but it made me think. It's not impossible that I could pay it off in the enxt five years, with little stress or compromise. Then I'd own my own house. Once I get my business plans off the starting blocks, I could work anywhere. Renting my house out, living by the seaside 6 months a year. It would all be a possibility if I pulled my finger out and got my finances sorted.

In other news faintly related to business, I'm sick to the back teeth of working with NLP coaches trying to set up websites. They may be hot as shit at coaching other people, but have no sodding idea what they want. Or at least, not until you made a trail page for them. Then they don't want it. I'm going to stop being so fluffy and start charging people for wasting my time. I'll have a think about it, and devise a quote system. Probably a quick home page, to give them idea, and a bill for finishing the rest of it.

Like I said, needs thinking on.

It really is a lovely day. I just cleared a load of waste out my front garden. People keep chucking rubbish into it, though :(
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Today started out like shite. Everything made me panic, I couldn't even cope with work, and was in a major stress overload.

Probably due to setting boundaries with my family over the weekend. That always makes me feel like a heel, and boy! do they like to push against them. All I asked for is one measly shopping trip a month and some financial responsibility, and you'd have thought the sky was falling in.

I dug my allotment on Sunday, after a 12 hour sleep-athon. I also did a couple of quotes for business stuff that may drag me in a cool 600 quid. I charge too little for my time, I decided. I did my cashflow analysis for my business plan tonight, along with other small administrative sundries. I feel more cheerful for clearing that, plus the mountain of "real" paid work is starting to erode.

My new lodger is lovely. She left the house so tidy at the weekend that I only knew she'd been there because the house was slightly more tidy than I left it. And she bought us a bottle of wine for later in the week. And we watched TV together.

My big mental challenge at the moment, when I'm not asking my family to act half reasonable, is to balance living in the moment with productivity and planning. How do you reconcile the two? I'm a natural planner. I'm tidy and organised. But how does that not directly contravene my resolution to enjoy the here and now?

I have two mornings off this week. Tomorrow I cycle and swim (today I did a km), and plant some seeds. Thursday, visiting an aunt and doing more allotment.

But now, to bed. Perchance not to dream, as I had a git of a dream last night where my childhood house burned down, everyone died, and then my ex told me just how happy and good everything was with his new bit of crumpet.

Thanks, subconcious.
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Regular readers will be pleased to know that I finally got off with my Sims girlfriend :) Elated by this success, I now have a string of Sims at my carnal disposal.

I also have 100 square meters of allotment :)

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