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Had a great weekend in Bruxelles, minus one or two low points. Spent a night in the Hilton with [ profile] 0ct0pus on Friday, which was fun. Noticed I was starting to brew up something unpleasant in the head-cold line, and wondered whether a weekend in Europe was the bext plan. Unfortunately, was pretty much committed at that point, so went to bed and got up at 5 the next morning. Eek.

Double eek, really, as poor old [ profile] 0ct0pus lost his wallet somewhere between our cab and the Eurostar check-in. As this was all of 100 yards, and I was right behind him all the way, I think it must have been swiped. But as you can imagine, cancelling all your credit cards at 6am just before you go abroad isn't the best start to the day.

The Eurostar is actually damn cool. Like a trip to Manchester, except further and better and not smelling of pee.

Had a nap when we got to D's lovely aunt's palatial flat. Then walked in the park, ate lovely vietnamese food, and looked round the royal greenhouses in the evening. Lurgy accelerated overnight, to the point where all my fingers swelled up, and about 6 am on Sunday morning, I seriously thought I was going to die, as I had about 2mm of throat left to breathe through. At that point, the 7+ months pregnant woman remembered she alsohad no health insurance. Sigh :((

Much sleep and icy water later, I was just about well enough to go to Ghent. Which was a good thing, as it's beautiful. And has Van Eyck altarpiece that is absolutely amazing. Ate, slept, and headed back to London the next morning. That's all the non-detailed version as I still feel teh grim, and had to take the day off work. But at least I don't think I'm going to die any more...
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