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Feb. 18th, 2006 01:01 pm
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Well, someone is finally coming round to value, maybe even buy, my dad's stamp collection on Thursday. It's a bit of a mixed blessing to be honest - I know I can't keep the stamps for ever, but selling something so precious to my dad is really hard to do. There might eb a lot of money involved, so I was thinking of treating myself to a holiday with some of it. Somewhere really cool, that my dad would have loved to see, but never got around to.

I don't know, really.

As well as sorting that out, I tied up a few loose email ends. And ordered some potatoes for my allotment. It's a pretty big patch, so I don't think it'll hurt to devote some of it to spuds.

I watched a programme on Thursday night about paying off your mortgage in two years. The level of disruption to my life would be unacceptable - this is why I work part-time, for the government... no hassle - but it made me think. It's not impossible that I could pay it off in the enxt five years, with little stress or compromise. Then I'd own my own house. Once I get my business plans off the starting blocks, I could work anywhere. Renting my house out, living by the seaside 6 months a year. It would all be a possibility if I pulled my finger out and got my finances sorted.

In other news faintly related to business, I'm sick to the back teeth of working with NLP coaches trying to set up websites. They may be hot as shit at coaching other people, but have no sodding idea what they want. Or at least, not until you made a trail page for them. Then they don't want it. I'm going to stop being so fluffy and start charging people for wasting my time. I'll have a think about it, and devise a quote system. Probably a quick home page, to give them idea, and a bill for finishing the rest of it.

Like I said, needs thinking on.

It really is a lovely day. I just cleared a load of waste out my front garden. People keep chucking rubbish into it, though :(


Dec. 8th, 2005 04:39 pm
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Well, in the first five hours of the day, I did a presentation of my marketing plan, drove 70 miles, had my photo taken for the local press (holding secateurs) and secured a web design project.

The past 2 hours have been spent fielding phonecalls from contacts whose uploads haven't gone through in the past 5 hours.

Mainly because my colleagues ordered their processes to take super-high priority. Because their deadline is, ooo, a whole day before mine and is therefore way more important.


You know, I think I prefer the non-day-job.
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made up name meme )

In news, I had a good cry last night, and finally seem to be cheering up. Parrots have colonised Surrey, and Tony Blair seems to be disappearing up his long dark tunnel. I rarely comment on anything political, as I'm of the opinion that politics are about doing rather than discussing, but what's he on here?

He got beaten. MPs, in general disagreed with him. That's democracy, so quit bitching like a little whiny schoolkid.

I'm not really going to comment on whether or not they're out of touch with the public. My opinion is that the public is divided on this issue; to draw two extremes, some want everyone brown kicked out of the country, some people want everyone who ever remotely agreed with anything Bush ever said or did kicked out of the country.

I couldn't even guess the proportions, and I personally sit somewhere between the two, more towards the second. And I don't like hysterical knee-jerk reactions. Maybe the new anti-terror law isn't such a thing, but there's no harm in taking a bit of time to check that it's not, and to justify what we're about to do.

Maybe if we'd done that a few years ago, history might not have been different, but at least it would have been justifiable that it's the same.

Like I said, I don't know much about politics. But I do know parrots are forming viable colonies in Surrey, and that makes me happy.

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