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The time has come that 0ct0pus and myself feel we should combine and buy a "proper" car i.e. one that costs more than 200 quid. This sort of thing gives me an achey head as soon as I start thinking about it, even putting aside the psychic pain of driving something that looks like I might take owning a car remotely seriously. So we were looking for suggestions based on following loose criteria:

- costs about £1000 and has a reasonable length of MOT (tax is a bonus). We could go more than this, but I'm really tight we don't want to.
- family friendly i.e. no vans :(
- we also have non-family alter egos that carry regular large heavy things, so ideally a small estate or a very roomy hatchback. I can't be lifting amplifiers and garden kit in and out of boots.
- not a FIAT or a FORD, unless you have a really compelling reason to own one.

Any suggestions gratefully received - this is not our speciality area as D has owned green car since I've known him and I just repeatedly buy large scruffy Peugeots with long MOTs and £200 price tags.


Feb. 11th, 2008 07:45 am
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1 bad hotel dinner
2 broken nights
3 stressful days
200 miles with a dodgy clutch
1 dead clutch 2 miles from home

Glad 0ct0pus isn't 30 all that often ;)
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Well, my MOT and service was 200 quid all in. Which isn't too bad for a 75 quid E-reg peugeot.

Had a lovely evening last night, watching Ginger Snaps. Which is a pretty neat film - well shot, and an interesting take on the standard werewolf genre.

Feeling a bit more like myself after the alone-time yesterday :) Have decided to plan those suddenly-free mornings as high-impact me-time very week, in advance. Doesn't mean I have to stick to it, but might well mean I get to meditation class on a Tuesday lunchtime.

Note to self: check classes at UWE and Yate Leisure Centre

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