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I've read this book before, and probably reviewed it here, but it was in the dark and dirty pre-tag days so god knows if I'd ever be able to find it. Not even going to bother to try. The thing I probably like most, on the surface, about this book is that normally I would avoid sitting next to someone on the bus reading the Daily Mail, but if I had this in my pocket, I would go for it on principle.

I remember getting a lot more out of it the first time round. Practical stuff, like changing my method of sanitary protection to give less to The Man, and ideological stuff like having a personal manifesto, taking care of and supporting other women, protecting myself. I'd just come out of a relationship that had become very bad for me as a female, not because the guy I was with was some sort of chauvinist asshole, but just because it was a long relationship which I'd started when I was young and unformed and had just become riddled with bad habits. Plus the guy was a bit of a twat in that he was extremely resistant to change, and if you resist my change too long, then, well, bad things happen.

I got less out of it this time. Partly because the lessons outlined above are just a normal part of my psyche. Partly because I no longer particularly feel that my being a woman is a significant part of my issues with the world right at this point in time. It's honestly got so bad, that as the strange little girl in Resident Evil gnomically pointed out (as they are wont to do), you're all going to die down here. To paraphrase Crowley in Good Omens, there's nothing going on that we're not doing to ourselves, and that transcends the genital divide. And after that tiny Monday morning pearl of optimism, it's also written in a slightly irritating right-on talking-to-your-grrlfriends way that always grates on my intellectually androgynous tendencies.

Saying that, there are three well thought out sections re the etymological, the gynaecological (*), and the ideological that give plenty of ideas. If I knew any young ladies in a remotely influential way, I'd probably buy them a copy for their 18th birthday :)

* need a new word for this that doesn't remind me of the film Dead Ringers</I


Jul. 3rd, 2008 01:45 pm
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Mostly I don't even think about my ex. Until I find the cracks in the ceiling are at least partly caused by a huge roll of vile industrial carpet squirelled away in the loft. Natural Born Killers-style visions of my repeatedly kneeing him in the face yelling "who's the hoarder now, motherfucker" occasionally play across my mind's eye.

I'm having teh mega clearout, literally and emotionally. It's a good thing. My brother's worrying me - he had a massive freakout at me on the phone, and has decided (with lots of "encouragement") that the best way for him and Emily to really bond is to just spend all their time together. Every non-working waking moment, nobody else. They've not had any company for well over a month now, and spend their spare time getting drunk and bickering. None of my business, but oh-so-like a certain pair of parents we both share.

Anyway, have some long term goals:

- Clear out my room by the end of August
- Clear out my shed and greenhouse by the end of July
- finish my BTEC web course by the end of November
- Take my RHS course in February 2009
- apply for some new jobs by the end of January 2009
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Does anyone have a southernwood plant that I could nick cuttings off? I really want one, and I just can't find them anywhere.

Knitting is going well. I'm making my mam some gloves for mothers day. She''l hate them, but then she'll hate anything that isn't a bottle of whisky, which her her standard present request, and which I refuse to get her.

I went to yoga last night, and it was best ever. I can't believe how much better my hips feel. Everything's all loosened up. And the lady said I was really flexible, which was very gratifying. Especially at nearly 6 months pregnant. I also fixed the lounge yesterday - put up all those motherfucking pictures that have been cluttering the place for months, and the trunking. Kitchen is nearly sorted, and hopefully we can move onto loft and nursery stuff.

While I was drilling holes to hang pictures, I mostly imagined I was drilling through my ex's forehead. Apparently he's getting married in a couple of months, which is a very odd feeling. Especially as he always said that he wouldn't ever get married ;P


Aug. 3rd, 2006 01:53 pm
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Not sure what to say, really. The time since I got back from Scotland has been good - went to Joust, had a very successful BBQ (my first ever party!), nice drinks with [ profile] malcygoff, visiting cute godson. All good.

Even work is not so bad, as I alternate between bug fixing, and looking at the DonkeyCam.

And my ex's new GF left yesterday, so I no longer have to keep running into her at work. My ex has moved to a half-timbered house in Trumpton, but on the bright side, I've offloaded all his crap. Actually - that's all the bright side, as the idea of him re-settling into a suburban twee-ville lifestyle is quite amusing.

Only bad news is that they keep putting real bits of animal into all the new and exciting crisps.

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The great New Year clean has begun.

Just before Christmas, I threw out nearly a bin bag full of out of date food and empty bottles that my ex had accumulated in the store cupboard. Other than the bag breaking on the way to the bin, and the fact my wheelie bin is now full, that felt good.

Today I finished defrosting the fridge and freezer. Then I pulled thm both out, and cleaned underneath and behind them. The amount of mould and dead food there was quite outrageous, really, considering I did this just before I moved out.

Slowly, slowly, I'm reclaiming my house.

So basically, January is going to be a month of cleaning, reorganising, and making the house my own. February, I start on the garden. I have some resolutions, which I'll eventually write up, but first things first...

I'm actually pretty knackered after all that, so I'm off to play GTA. Then bed.

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