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I'm too busy right now. Whirling through things. Seems even a low-key wedding takes some input...

The Prodigy Gig was absolutely spiffing. Ironically, my brother and his ex seemed to be getting on the best they ever had. Which made life easier for me and 0ct0pus, but will probably only last until the ex finds out he was dinking someone else for a month before he dumped her for being boring. Mind you, saying that, he's dumped the new one because it was all a bit intense. I think I can hear the squealing of train brakes being applied just a little too late to avoid a crash.

Oh well. prodigy were good and I did much dancing. Lots of stuff from their new album, which I really like, and a good mix from their back catalogue. Even the DJ before them was pretty fine, getting some Baba o'Reilly into the mix and managing to whip the crowd into a threshold before fever pitch which made for a pretty explosive gig.

That gave me plenty o'energy for a week or so, during which I invented the nouveau concept sport, RAGING. Like a combination of raving and jogging which means you plug in your IPod and combine stylish dance moves with running in a parkour-esque new urban exercise concept. Or alternatively (and this is also covered in the name) you look like a 28 Days Later zombie. And I also have Global Gathering tickets to keep the party running.

The energy has been eroded. Grandad is still ill (improving physically, but not really eating) and one of my aunt's goes round expeting him to die pretty much at any minute. Which rubs off on me a bit and has been quite depressing. He's not well, and it's risky, but he's not actually that ill. Ironically, she's the born again aunt. I don't get her - in my opinion, the only bloody advantage in believing in god is to have some purpose, positivity and serenity in life. Otherwise, what's the point?

Also, the bairn is having a whiny week. Meh. And did I mention the wedding planning?

Anyway, had a great and groovy birthday (visited Batsford Aboretum and was given Beowulf and a lovely new camera case).And went to see The Boat That Rocked, which was far far better than I expected. The garden is all but re-landscaped (pictures soon, really), running is going well, and I really so need to get back into my yoga thing.

Who knows if I'll post again before wedding and camper van trip to Scotland? Hope so, but if not see y'all in May!

Okey dokey

Feb. 21st, 2009 08:32 pm
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I've been working on the theory that physical activity is the antidote to the glooms. This is partly based on scientific reasoning (endorphins and all that) and partly on my own subjective evidence. The upshot of it is, though, that I've upgraded my running plan to typically run about an hour instead of about 40 minutes. I've slowed down because of that, but not substantially, and I figured that the reason I wasn't improving my running was that I wasn't really stretching myself. So now I am.

I've also been on quite a few outdoor runs this month. I'd like to do more of those - it's just a case of finding somewhere to do that where I feel safe. Not in a mugged'n'raped'n'leftfordead kind of way - that doesn't bother me more than I think it should. Just in an avoiding little gits sniffing glue / drinking cider / giving me a hard time sort of way. Which does bother me more than it should, I know, but I was a fat hippy-goth growing up in a small rural town full of inbred chavs, and I still try to surreptitiously cross the road when I see gangs of teenagers.

I think I found somewhere, though. The road down towards Bristol neatly combines quiet (pedestrian-wise) and busy (traffic) and is pavemented and streetlit for miles, so I'll go for that. I also fixed up my bike and took the sprog out on it today with much success.

The sprog is a joy to be with at the moment - funny, energetic and full of hundreds of new words. He seems to enjoy everything I throw at him, and that is at least one reason I count myself lucky that I don't have to work right now.

I have some voluntary work lined up though - horticultural therapy and teaching gardening in schools. The latter could turn into enjoyable and child-friendly paid work. I also applied for an admin job for two evenings a month - triaging calls for the local NHS PCT, which might well be quite interesting. We'll see. I have a feeling of progression at least.

And the garden is getting fixed. I sorted out the allotment last week, and we've just finished dismantling the rickety old greenhouse. There's a hella load of lansdscaping to do out there, but at least I now have the space to do it. And once it' done, it's just a case of laying some turf down. All mucho work, but more short term gain than making plantings. And when it's done, it'll be safe for the child to just go out and play around half-supervised, which is a great thing in my mind.
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...I hope. I had a run of bad sleep problems, but new pillows seemed to fix it. Now i have a massive sleep debt to fix and am mostly feeling worse for the good sleep. The sprog is still fussing before nap and bed, but the fuss-time is decreasing. We could probably have fixed it sooner but for his tummy bug last week which knocked us all for six (I didn't get it, thank god) and meant that leaving him to fuss and settle himself wasn't really an option as he as obviously feeling really bloody ill.

We had a much needed spa day on Friday, bot relaxing and good couple time. Then I had a yoga workshop on Sunday which means I ended up super relaxed but aching like a little yoga bitch. Still. I should do more yoga. My fitness is improving, but I miss the stretch and de-stress of non-aerobic exercise.

Things are slowly taking shape in the garden. Everything seems like a long slow process these days - sometimes I miss the freedoms of non-motherhood.

I also have a job interview for the web job I mentioned about a month ago. As the three week window of interview had passed, I'd written it off. But then they wanted me anyway. It's not gardening, so not part of the long-term love, but it is a damn good opportunity, so fingers crossed. Their website needs a lot of work, so it's something I could get my teeth into. I like that in a job :)
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One thing after another in the stable - after the stomach bug from hell, we now have the debilitating cold based virus from ... well... maybe the river styx. Who knows? Anyhoo, the only positive side is that I've lost about 5lbs, so crunching a significant poundage milestone. Yay puking, or something :/

Actually, it's nice to lose weight. At this point in my life, I'm not deserving of the extra poundage - I eat right, exercise well, and generally look after myself. But I haven't done that in the past, and so it goes. Anyhow, that little boost to my morale meant I did a far better run than the past fortnight's worth of slacking really merited.
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Actually, no it didn't. But I did do a 5km personal best (36.42) with the help of the boss monster fight tune from Final Fantasy 8.



Aug. 3rd, 2007 07:33 pm
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Swam 30 lengths, and did an unprecedented 10 length run in front crawl, which I'm normally crap at. Guess practice makes perfect.

Ben went to the pool yesterday :)
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Does anyone have a southernwood plant that I could nick cuttings off? I really want one, and I just can't find them anywhere.

Knitting is going well. I'm making my mam some gloves for mothers day. She''l hate them, but then she'll hate anything that isn't a bottle of whisky, which her her standard present request, and which I refuse to get her.

I went to yoga last night, and it was best ever. I can't believe how much better my hips feel. Everything's all loosened up. And the lady said I was really flexible, which was very gratifying. Especially at nearly 6 months pregnant. I also fixed the lounge yesterday - put up all those motherfucking pictures that have been cluttering the place for months, and the trunking. Kitchen is nearly sorted, and hopefully we can move onto loft and nursery stuff.

While I was drilling holes to hang pictures, I mostly imagined I was drilling through my ex's forehead. Apparently he's getting married in a couple of months, which is a very odd feeling. Especially as he always said that he wouldn't ever get married ;P


Feb. 18th, 2007 06:30 pm
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I did a 5k run today :) Not in the calmest fashion, I have to admit, but I finished. Now I hurt, so I think that's probably pretty much enough of that until past-partum.

Unless anyone wants to walk really slowly with me round the Race for Life ;)

I've been doing lots of knitting. I have, in fact, turned into knit-geek. There's a little shop in Chipping Sodbury that supplies me with my fixes, and the gentleman that runs it is like an elderly Timothy Spall. One day I'll post pictures of wonky bootees, as for some reason I'm inordinately into knitting.

I went to Tai Chi this week for the first time ever, and next week I'm off to Yoga classes with Ben and Liz. I'm really looking foward to it. And I had a lovely meal with my ex-flatmates, and everything is extremely warm and pleasant. I watch a lot of Scrubs, and even cook occasionally.

Yesterday, we spring-cleaned my mum's flat. Oh dear god! Blech. *shudder*

And Monday after tomorrow, I'm off to Edinburgh for a few days. Has anyone been there and can recommend things?
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Just under 5 km in 32 minutes. I so rock! And I finally decided to go for the CRUK 10km. On a course that won't kill me :)

In other news, work is too busy. And it's the bluegrass festival this weekend, so we get to try out our plush new tent, with added space :))

There was something else, but I've forgotten...

Oh yeah - more donkey cam:

You what?

Aug. 25th, 2006 03:54 pm
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Who would call their kid Drummond Bone? It's just cruel. Mind you, could have been Drummond Baice.

Anyway. Booked tickets to Amsterdam. Ran at lunchtime - about 4k, and I would have run it all, but for the bastard hill at the end. Never mind - one day I will conquer.

This time tomorrow I should be coming back down from Scafell Pike. Big grins :D
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  • Snakes on A Plane was fab. So much better than I was expecting it to be. So kind of "quality crap" really.
  • What to do about my mum? No time to debate at length here, but it's making me sick with worry. Need to do something.
  • Will I still carry on the life coaching course? Hard pressed for time right now, but it will be over with by November.
  • Ran for nearly an hour yesterday. Very very slowly. I'm not sure whether to enter the 10km in October or not - I might just disgrace myself with a super-lame time.
  • Vaguely related to the above, I've lost a few more pounds. It's coming off slowly, but steadily. Which is the way I want it, really.
  • Spoken to my lodger and she's OK with me giving her notice. Big phew. Now there's nobody I need to avoid around the corridors of work.
  • Going to the final peak at the weekend - up Scafell Pike!
  • Books read recently - The Laments, The Ice House, A Map of the World, Jpod. All fluffy, but good.


Aug. 21st, 2006 11:07 pm
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Had a good run with my brother today - decided to take it up a notch and run along the canal towpath in Stroud. Bit pissed off that he can run faster than me, to be honest, but did a straight (12 min x run, 2 min x walk) x 3.

It's good that he's a bit faster, to be honest, as otherwise I'm SO slow. Barely above a walking pace. Which is fine - my aim is to do the session, doesn't matter how fast. But it's good practice for going faster :)

Also ran out the earlier niggles of the day...


Aug. 18th, 2006 02:37 pm
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Well, this week's been a bit pants, to be honest. Had a very strange bender at the weekend, then dealt with a week where I had to admit defeat on the niggling pain in my foot, and the fact that my mum needs more care than I'm currently prepared to give her.

Both of which are fairly depressing. No running, constant feeling of filial guilt. And I'm coming down with something.

At least I've re-stocked on wasabi peas.


May. 21st, 2006 08:24 pm
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I did my Race for Life today - it was fantastic!!! Actually quite an emotional experience, and I ran it in 37 minutes and 30 seconds.

Down to 30 minutes next year, I think :))

And then I treated myself to a spiffy new technical tshirt (one that's self-wicking). And a new pair of hiking boots, which are fantastic!!! Cotswold Outdoor are absolutely crap at service, though - it took them about two hours to get my boots, and get them checked-out successfully.

But now I have some really snappy boots, that don't make my feet hurt. I'm kind of scared to wear them outside and get them all dirty, though....


May. 16th, 2006 03:36 pm
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Went swimming for the first time in ages today, and it hurtsssssss!

Which brings me onto the subject of stretching. Much neglected in an organised exercise sense, as far as I'm concerned. Which is odd, as I love stretching in a recreational sense. I just noticed recently that I'm getting sore, stiff legs a lot more.

Which is unsurprising, as I'm doing much more intense exercise. And as I don't want to end up looking like a Russian shot-putter, I should stretch out at the end of my runs and walks.
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OK, today is not going well.

My mum managed to elicit twice her due amount of money from me and my brother on Saturday. Which means she went on a massive bender for a few days. Which means she's now virtually incapable.

I don't actually care all that much. Except her mum (my gran) keeps phoning me every 12 hours in floods of hysterical tears, leaving messages for me to go up and help my poor mother.

Without wishing to sound heartless, I don't actually care all that much. Plus, I'm hugely busy and hugely exhausted.

I can't concentrate on my work with this going on in my ear all the time.

And I'm finding it increasingly hard to deal with one of my rpojects without telling the guy he's stupid. It's not my fault - he's driving me into the corner of no return.

Anyway. The weekend was good. I went walking and canoeing with [profile] d_ph4ze, which rocked. I did my 3 minutes upgrade to my running with little problem, and I blagged about £500 worth of garden design contract.

And yesterday I went to see my godson, who's all of teh cute.

Doesn't alter the fact that I'm knackered. Snore.
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Had a brilliant holiday. I already forgot what I did the first weekend, but on Monday, [ profile] 0ct0pus and I (and the cat) headed off to Pembrokeshire for a few days chilling in an eco-house with a 180 degree sea view.

Did a lot of brilliant walks - rain swept hills and exhilirating windy coastal paths. Only about 6 or 7 miles each day, I would think, but when you're up to your ankles in bog water in a gale, that's quite a hefty hike.

I also had a Withnail moment - the bull didn't want to get into that other field to fuck the cows, but it was very interested in my rucksack. Mostly when I had my back turned.

And yes, I did run at it. Shouting.

With my fist stretched out.

Saturday night was spent out with [personal profile] ninneviane and [ profile] jo_kat. Which was best night out ever. Most definitely. Even though we inadvertently skipped the bill at the restaurant, and didn't get back in until about 4 in the morning.


And then, I got home and got whisked to the spa by [ profile] 0ct0pus, who was a total sweetie and even did all the driving. And that was also great - I love swimming around in a bubbly pool on a brisk April evening :))

Now, having got back to work, I really notice that it sucks. The suckdom was relieved by a lunchtime jaunt in my friend's new Audi convertible. Which, when you put your foot down, feels somewhat like being at Alton Towers.

Ehm. That's it. Except I finally got my web hosting sorted out (thanks K, and tell R that I'm looking into that database thing - definitely seems like a possibility for us).

New website will be posted soon. And I made some new icons :)
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Lied to a man in Kansas, just to watch him die.

And make a whole shedload of money out of it while having a good old whinge to the long suffering Harper Lee.

So a horrible man, but nonetheless a really good film. In other news, the running is going really well - I'm now on a 21 minute run/walk cycle, and really looking forward to it. I think I'd like to do other bigger runs, maybe even a marathon one day. It would be cool to say I'd run a marathon :)
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I ran about a mile today. I should add this to my exercise log card. I should also pay some cash into my bank account.

One of the things I've learned about work in the past few days is to try and cram the things I have to do in the time I have available. I did my minutes in about half an hour today. Normally it takes much longer. Now they're probably a bit shitter than if I'd taken an hour or two to do them, but not significantly shitter.

Certainly not 100% shitter.

And it'll take me less than the remainder of the time to mindlessly implement peoples' comments. Which are political rather than factual anyway.

I can't be bothered wasting chunks of my life in some of the work that I have to do. Does it show too badly? I think I've reached a point where I've had enough, as I've started to slightly dread going into work every morning. It started after my last holiday. It's not bad enough to flake out, but it is enough to hate about 60% of my job.

Oh, and my ex is an arse. Seems like everyone else noticed that but me, up until the last month or so.

Guess my brain is changing again.
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Apparently (according to the Guradian on Saturday), 80% of the pollutants in the life of a piece of clothing come from its laundry, rather than its production. I found that quite interesting, especially as I'm a strong advocate of not laundering your clothes to excess.

If it doesn't smell, and it doesn't look dirty, why wash it? Except through some social notion of how often you should wash your clothes.

I also got my guide to the South-West coastpath through the post. Yay to Ebay. I can't wait to get out there and do some hiking :)

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