Jan. 6th, 2010 10:50 am
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I will do plans rather than resolutions once I've got over the next few weeks of psychotropic abstinence :)

I'm not doing the meme as I don't want to analyse last year any more or caricaturise myself by the events that happened. In short:

I'm thinner (because I enjoyed exercise and got to grips with running)
I'm richer (because my gardening business took off and I got a new job)
I'm happier (because I have ace friends (notably K,J,C,M and Dai!) and because I got to grips with motherhood)

I got married twice. I lost two people very close to me, one of which is going to reverberate and ramify for quite a while, I think.

Related to that last one, in the past week or two I've come to the stunning, well crystallised and very liberating conclusion that I would not have swapped my parents for any other ones in the entire 4-dimensional existence of the planet. So whatever faults they had, and whatever I would have changed about their lives, are both utterly irrelevant.
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I've lot of catching up to do. A wedding, two funerals and a car crash on the M6 don't just write themselves up, you know. Especially in gardening season.

But first things first - I'll cover the hen night. This was ace. Ninneviane picked me up from Ashchurch station, complete with supplies for wine-fuelled camping decadence. We headed to a wicked camping site near Ross which not only allows campfires, but also seeemed to allow us our own private paddock, from which we could snicker at the baboons and pitch up ineptly in peace. We then went to the nearby pub and gorged ourselves on absolutely delicious food which meant we could barely roll ourselves down to the camp site to guzzle wine and sit around the extremely expertly prepared campfire. Everyone should have a Ninneviane to take places with them.

The night was fucking freezing, even by my knackered thermostat, and I think this put off the virgin campers. By the time I'd ahd a coffee, I'd chalked the cold up to experience and pretty much forgotten it, but I don't think my various n00b friends will forget it in a hurry. They don't drive in a hurry either, so combining this with a confused SatNav meant we got to Go Ape a bit late, and I was a "bit stressed". But it all worked out ok in the end.

Go Ape is fab, if a bit scary. I'm aabout 85% ok with heights, and was also too adrenaline charged to make it more than 4/5 round the course before I slumped in a knackered heap. I would like to have done the final one, but I would have needed a big rest as my heart was pounding and my arms were shaking. Everyone else completed it. The next day I felt as though I was wearing a cast iron bra - all my intercostal muscles were grumbling (although I didn'tnotice until I went running, which may have served me right).

I think everyone at least had a reasonably good time. I did anyway, so nyah :P

Oh yeah...

Apr. 17th, 2008 02:22 pm
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Birthday was great - thanks for cards and online good wishes. Probably more on that later.

In less good news, I should no longer have a well-paid career-type job by about ten past 9 tomorrow morning. Ho-hum.


Feb. 18th, 2007 06:30 pm
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I did a 5k run today :) Not in the calmest fashion, I have to admit, but I finished. Now I hurt, so I think that's probably pretty much enough of that until past-partum.

Unless anyone wants to walk really slowly with me round the Race for Life ;)

I've been doing lots of knitting. I have, in fact, turned into knit-geek. There's a little shop in Chipping Sodbury that supplies me with my fixes, and the gentleman that runs it is like an elderly Timothy Spall. One day I'll post pictures of wonky bootees, as for some reason I'm inordinately into knitting.

I went to Tai Chi this week for the first time ever, and next week I'm off to Yoga classes with Ben and Liz. I'm really looking foward to it. And I had a lovely meal with my ex-flatmates, and everything is extremely warm and pleasant. I watch a lot of Scrubs, and even cook occasionally.

Yesterday, we spring-cleaned my mum's flat. Oh dear god! Blech. *shudder*

And Monday after tomorrow, I'm off to Edinburgh for a few days. Has anyone been there and can recommend things?

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