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Seriously, I am feeling knackered at the moment. Nausea, exhaustion, and now bleeding nose. Bah. Not actually sure what to d about it, except just wait it out.

This week has been a lot about gardening.I set up the blog on my business site and actually have some plans to use it. Probably next week, when the husband is away - right now I mostly want to make the most of this week. Plus, did I mention being knackered already? I'll use it to blog on my own gardening, gardening employment, garden visits and so on. I'll probably do a feed to my journal.

Everything is up in the air timing wise right now, which is adding to my fuzzly head feeling. One important plus is that Ticketmaster managed to process the upgrade for my Global Gathering tickets without cocking up, which I felt would never happen. I treated myself and my bro to VIP upgrades, partly for the better camping, partly to cheer the fucker up as he seems to be long term unemployed now. Apparently he isn't tough enough to be a builder, which is a bit of a kick in the teeth for him really.

We also went up Pen Y Fan to cheer him up. We got soaked, but much fun was had by all.

Employment wise, all is well. More than well, really. I did a day picking bindweed out of QCL's hedges, an afternoon at the stroke rehab greenhouse (really enjoying that) and I'm actually making plenty of money and doing well at it. The strange thing is, the local council phoned me up to offer me the job they didn't give me back at the start of the year. Bent over backwards to make it appealing.

Utterly torn 50:50 on that one. Strangeness galore.
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There's a big catch-up needed her on the intersection of the sets "cybermule" and "vegetative matter", which has become non-negligible in size these days.

- Today I went to a basket weaving course which was run by the lady who owns the permaculture-orientated smallholding where the sprog's toddler group is held. I'd had a vague notion of doing this for a while - it's interesting to me, something with a reasonable likelihood of cybermule success, and it would be handy for turning out small droves of wicker-made garden nicknacks for good profit. Having it run by Permaculture Toddler Lady (PLT*) made it affordable and in my comfort-zone. Turns out I was pretty gosh-darn good at making baskets (picture will follow in a phone test post) and the event also turned into a fabbo networking opportunity. The lady running it has snagged some cards to pass on to some people she knows, and the other two people on the course were organic self-growing florists.

*(abbreviation use will become necessary over the course of the post)

- Working as a gardener has now become a matter of fact rather than daydreaming. So much so that more clients aren't strictly necessary - I have four now: Composting Quaker Lady (CQL), Helpless Psychotherapist Lady (HPL - she has an absolutely top notch garden), Occasional Goth Cousin (OGC) and Elderly Pot Lady (EPL). All have very different set-ups and pretty much fill my time. I need to update my website to include some portfolio work (my new phone will help with this) but I'm not entirely sure what people would want to see - any thoughts?

- I was discussing my philosophy of gardening with HPL. She wants a lovely garden, but really no time or real inclination (or tools!). My life-coaching skills actually came in handy with her, and she offered me more work. But really I love gardening as my ultimate balance of art/craft and science. The science of looking after and nurturing plants, and the art and craft of making the garden look right. You can't really explain that very well.

- I'm doing a fortnightly session of horticultural therapy at the stroke centre at Frenchay. I'm not gardening in schools any more - it was badly organised, which made me feel like a spare wank, and I have a yearning to spend that time instead setting up some sort of transition town/permi initiative in the local area rather than travelling to Easton to essentially spend time doing sod all. I think it's the right thing.

- RHS course is just having to go on the back burner. My idea at the moment is to book into the February exams to force myself to do it over the winter. But I won't have to decide until November or something so we'll see. It does need to be done
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Courtesy of [ profile] quercus

I'm aware that I have often wibbled fulsomely on the subject of Monty Don as [ex] presenter of Gardeners World, probably due to intellectual crushing of some sort that I'm unashamed of - compared to my usual drug-addled, Vulcan and sarcastic role-models, it's all onwards and upwards. I'm not really so into Gardeners World these days - 10% due to lack of Monty, 90% due to just having outgrown it.

I never watched when Alan Titchmarsh (from now on to be referred to as "the Tit") presented. In fact, I didn't know he HAD ever presented, as I'd only ever seen him in GroundForce, which seemed to suit him (and label him) in my mind.

I don't like him. Two reasons - the first of which has more credence. He owns a gardening products company, an acquaintance of mine worked for him, and he's a complete arsehole to work for. However I didn't like him anyway. The second reason is personal. In my mind, he exudes a sort of false and oily joviality. Old ladies think he's a lovely young man. He has no message, although I'm sure he's perfectly competent.

In short, I just find him annoying. I'm sure Monty Don is probably just as false in his "man with an organic mission persona", but it's just down to the subjective and hypocritical fact that I prefer his persona to that of "the Tit". Plus he has better hair.

Interestingly, I did used to watch Gardeners World with Geoff Hamilton, even though I had minimal interest in gardening at that point.

As an aside, I am really pleased to have finally found my calling in horticulture - a perfect blend of physical activity, science and creative desing that suits me to the ground. I'm beyond thinking of careers for life these days - life's both too long and too short for that - but this'll do me for a while.

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