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I actually went on a really nice holiday last week, but haven't had chance to post. It got off to a really bad start, as I'd been going to drop [profile] 0ct0pus off in Cardiff on the way, but got scuppered by a broken cambelt on the mighty gold-car, which proved to be its doom :(

Finally arrived at a very cute chalet in Oxwich, got down to my holiday project (sorting getting on for 30 years worth of photos) and went for a walk around Oxwich Point, which was only a few miles but very enjoyable. The weather was bright and pleasant, so I wandered down to the beach just as twilight was falling and watched the waves for a bit too.

The second day was drizzly, so I went to the National Botanical Garden with some sandwiches, and took loads of geeky pictures of plants for my RHS course. Following that, I went for an amazing walk on the big spit of land sticking out the north of the Gower peninsula at LLanmadoc. This is one of the most isolated spots you can imagine - one side is rolling waves and sand dunes, the other is salt marshes and wild ponies. All you can hear is the roar of the sea and the rush of the breeze through the pines, and you can just meander for miles through the sand dunes and pine groves.

And the final day I went for a walk near Three Cliffs Bay, and looked at some cliffs and ruins. Then I went home. So as I'd put all my photos in albums, taken some good plant shots and done some brilliant walks, it was a holiday success.
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Friday was my last day at work. It was also the fourth anniversary of my dad's death. This year was a weird one for that, on account of the forthcoming baby, I think. My dad would have loved to be a grandad, but I don't let myself feel guilty over that. Other than that, I just miss him in a kind of low-level ongoing way.

28 Weeks Later was not necessarily the wisest choice for movie viewing that evening, but was nonetheless a very good film.

Saturday morning I went to the Malvern Gardening Show with [personal profile] ninneviane. It was great - we window-shopped, ate donuts and I bought some trinkets for my garden. I was knackered due to keeping half an eye out for zombies all night, so flagged a bit by the time we left. Which was irrelevant, as I then had to head to my granddad's 90th birthday party and talk to all my noisy relatives about baby - when it's due, whether I was OK, what I'm going to call it. About 12 times for each question :) But it was a good event. Except yet more people were looking wonderfully slim and glamorous.


Then my brother and I went to bury the remains of my dad's ashes. Some of them are in a tree pot in my back garden, but the rest are now under a hazel tree overlooking the Nailsworth valley, where we grew up. My dad saved the tree from breaking one year, when it was weighed down by snow, and often talked about it.

Today we went on a tour of the maternity hospital in Stroud. It looks really nice, so I think it's the place I want to be. I'll be away in the Gower for the next few days, adjusting my brain speed to the pace of the next phase of life.
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Had a brilliant one night break in the Gower - sleeping on an airbed is actually pretty damn comfortable when you're pregnant. Hiking shorts aren't :( I was hoping to keep wearing them right up until the end :((

Walked along the big ridge that I missed in my epic tour of the Gower last year. Lots of cairns and stone ruins. Grumbled a lot about how being pregnant was slowing me down. Took some good pictures. The man camping next to us was a tosser - made some lame joke about how only big tents were allowed next to the sea, then drove up to the toilet block in his jag.

We did BBQ, walking, sitting on the beach and pub lunch, and it was all best :)

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