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I started the new job last week. It seems fine - work is the right balance of interesting and undemanding, boss seems plain speaking and pleasant, and the rest of the people are also nice. Only downside is waking in the middle of the night every couple of days wracked with guilt at leaving the sprog with a childminder. Which I know is daft but I still feel it and it has been compounded with losing the child's favourite hat to give a slight feeling of #mummafail.

The bathroom still isn't finished, but is looking good. It has been a challenged to my control-freakery and need for neatness.

Had an awful weekend with my brother staying. All he did was whine, pick on me, grumble about the quality of the hospitality we had to offer, and turn on a passive-aggressive "what's that? can't hear anything!" whenever I told him to stop being a dickwit. Seriously, I could have punched him while he was here, and am left feeling pretty drained and depressed. Even 0ct0pus* got pissed off at him trying to get him to bitch about how long I was taking to have a pee before I went out to fix his car.

Cos yeah - everyone knows I take hours to get ready *eyeroll* Really and truly I could right now deal with never seeing him again. Meh.

* the same 0ct0pus who is now a qualified climber :)
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Seriously, I am feeling knackered at the moment. Nausea, exhaustion, and now bleeding nose. Bah. Not actually sure what to d about it, except just wait it out.

This week has been a lot about gardening.I set up the blog on my business site and actually have some plans to use it. Probably next week, when the husband is away - right now I mostly want to make the most of this week. Plus, did I mention being knackered already? I'll use it to blog on my own gardening, gardening employment, garden visits and so on. I'll probably do a feed to my journal.

Everything is up in the air timing wise right now, which is adding to my fuzzly head feeling. One important plus is that Ticketmaster managed to process the upgrade for my Global Gathering tickets without cocking up, which I felt would never happen. I treated myself and my bro to VIP upgrades, partly for the better camping, partly to cheer the fucker up as he seems to be long term unemployed now. Apparently he isn't tough enough to be a builder, which is a bit of a kick in the teeth for him really.

We also went up Pen Y Fan to cheer him up. We got soaked, but much fun was had by all.

Employment wise, all is well. More than well, really. I did a day picking bindweed out of QCL's hedges, an afternoon at the stroke rehab greenhouse (really enjoying that) and I'm actually making plenty of money and doing well at it. The strange thing is, the local council phoned me up to offer me the job they didn't give me back at the start of the year. Bent over backwards to make it appealing.

Utterly torn 50:50 on that one. Strangeness galore.
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...I hope. I had a run of bad sleep problems, but new pillows seemed to fix it. Now i have a massive sleep debt to fix and am mostly feeling worse for the good sleep. The sprog is still fussing before nap and bed, but the fuss-time is decreasing. We could probably have fixed it sooner but for his tummy bug last week which knocked us all for six (I didn't get it, thank god) and meant that leaving him to fuss and settle himself wasn't really an option as he as obviously feeling really bloody ill.

We had a much needed spa day on Friday, bot relaxing and good couple time. Then I had a yoga workshop on Sunday which means I ended up super relaxed but aching like a little yoga bitch. Still. I should do more yoga. My fitness is improving, but I miss the stretch and de-stress of non-aerobic exercise.

Things are slowly taking shape in the garden. Everything seems like a long slow process these days - sometimes I miss the freedoms of non-motherhood.

I also have a job interview for the web job I mentioned about a month ago. As the three week window of interview had passed, I'd written it off. But then they wanted me anyway. It's not gardening, so not part of the long-term love, but it is a damn good opportunity, so fingers crossed. Their website needs a lot of work, so it's something I could get my teeth into. I like that in a job :)

New job

Feb. 26th, 2008 08:25 pm
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My new job rocks. The people are really nice, and it's a pleasant place to work. It was a little weird shopping in my home town for lunch. I felt kind of furtive. But all good. I get paid to look after plants, which is like paying bears to fertilise their surrounding tree population.

I'll try and keep this one going with my old job until next spring, I reckon. I might also have the option of some landscaping work. If I could do a small amount of that, I could drop my old job in the Spring, pick up more gardening and freelance stuff next year and see how things all pan out. Myabe move onto something more career-ish in a couple of years when the Ben goes to nursery.

This is the first time my work has felt good for many years.


Feb. 23rd, 2008 07:36 pm
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Ben is bombing around the place even faster :)
We had a great week in Wales :)
My mother-in-law emailed me to tell me exactly how rubbish my wedding plans are :(

Next week, I start work. I have mixed feelings about it - the job is perfect, but I'm going to miss Ben. I suppose it's better to go back to something I like than to something I hate.

I need to deal with my seedlings next week, do some yoga, and plant out my snowdrops.
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Desperately trying to sort out my various bits of virtual real estate so I can catch up on three years of backdated photo posting. I have a new webspace, which I've started to build up. Need to clear the old one, though, and everything is in a pickle from being left for years. Arse.

Also on an emotional rollercoaster of a job application. More on that another day. Distracting myself with OTT work generally hides the problem, at least in the short term, so here we go:

Kent trip )

Anyhoo, files have nearly finished moving across the ether, and I should go to bed soon. Off I go...
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- Ben doesn't exist to make me happy. Many parents seem to miss this, and I almost feel that an unplanned baby was a blessing in making this point clear to me. Following on from that, I don't even exist to make Ben happy. I'm here to give him the tools to make himself happy.

- Why do we expect our jobs to make us happy and fulfilled? They're there to serve a purpose, but expecting more than that is like expecting eating, breathing or sleeping to make us happy. It's taken two months away to make me realise that.

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