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I just cleared out my in-tray. It's now a separate and complete entity, free of paper and programming manuals.

Yesterday, I went to London. And had a very good day:

  1. The megabus was only three pounds each. More organisation is required to tie in with the lousy public tranport system this end, but a good deal.
  2. I had great curry at the special secret Indian Veg buffet in Islington. Excellent vegetarian curry at only £2.95 can't be sniffed at. Well, it can (*drool*), but you know what I mean.
  3. I finally got into Highgate Cemetery, and took some great pictures.
  4. The Frida Kahlo exhibition was good - interesting and moving, especially as I didn't know huge amounts about her before I went.

You know what, despite sleeping loads last night, I feel absolutely crap. I think I'm coming down with something :(
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Another busy week. I guess I get a kick out of being busy right now. Got loads done for my WIE course, but still have to do an elevator pitch (*gulp*) and a SWOT analysis, which I'll probably get done tonight. Thought of a name for my business though:



OK, so tomorrow I have a to-do list:

  • Polyfilla round door
  • Tidy up house plants
  • Mail letters
  • Pay in cheques
  • Swim
  • Hoover kitchen and lounge, mop kitchen floor
  • Unload dishwasher
  • Clear laundry rack
  • Plant salads
  • Get new wing mirror (*grmbl*)
  • Put fencing photos onto CD
  • Charge camera and phone
  • WIE stuff
  • Look up buses
  • Tidy room muddles

Last week's eating and exercise went well, apart from some snacking at the weekend. This week, I'm just going to try and get a swim in every day to boost my Channel Challenge score. Tuesday I'm off to the Frieda Kahlo exhibition with [profile] 0ct0pus.

Also wrote down a bunch of stuff that I needed to do around the house, which at least makes me feel theoretically in control of things :P
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Although following all these rules would leave Nick Cave a bit stuffed for songs, really, wouldn't it? Or bouncers. They would have ruined it for him too - you think you're coming in here with that gun, Mr Stagger Lee, and blowing holes right in anyone's motherf*ckin' head. Not in my gaff, sonny.

I went to see Nick Cave at the end of last month, in Alexandra Palace in London. It was great - he played lots of old hits (no album to promote), and he played them loud and raw. The venue was also rather lovely - wouldn't mind going back there some time in daylight, with a camera.

Then, the next week, I went to see Iggy Pop at the Hammersmith Apollo. He and the Stooges played through FunHouse, then did some of their old hits. And they were surprisingly good. Iggy has more energy than a bloke half his age, and as usual, spent most of his set tormenting his minders by hurling himself off the stage, and dragging half the audience up on set at the end.

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