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I did all right last year:

- running: pretty much got my 10 minute miles
- knitting: did the fingerless gloves :)
- garden: check!
- weight loss: 6lbs out, but hey - I lost about 2 stone so what the hell :)
- yoga: could improve
- RHS: nearly there
- career: job came along, and gardening increased. Double check :)
- singing course: didn't happen, because the course wasn't there
- spam: killed a load

I'm not doing goals this year. That's not the way I want to focus my energies any more - I want to steer away from non-specific sticks to beat myself with, and go more for monthly themes for my attention. Will post those some time soon!

I do however have a list of concrete things I'd like to do:

DJ course
Ski taster session
Krav Maga short course
gun shooting
survival skills course
Hestercombe's Qigong and meditation sessions
Yoga retreat
Go to Harlech on the train

These may or may not happen, but it's nice to have dreams. Should anyone feel moved by these, give me a shout as that'll give me incentive to actually shift my gearstick.
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Last year's resolutions were so-so - I ate more healthily and probably lost about a stone or so. I don't count these days. My allotment improved, but total fail on tattoo, 10k or finishing my RHS course. Big win on thee getting a new job, though :)

This year:

- running: would like to be able to run my 5k in 30 minutes by the end of the year. If that's achieved earlier than planned, I would love to run a reasonably timed 10k. Would also like to do an official trail run, as mud doesn't seem to impede my slowness ;)

- knitting: use up all my current yarn. Knit myself some fingerless gloves. Buy some nice yarn and knit m jumper pattern by the end of the year.

- garden: get rid of the greenhouse and lay lawn over the current pool of mud by March.

- weight loss: what can I say when I've already said I don't do counting here any more? I'm going tom have an intense blitz until the middle of March when I get my dress adjusted. Then no more until after the wedding in May as I don't want my dress falling down. Vain, petty, but quite reasonable IMO :) Really I'd like to get to the top of my acceptable weight bracket, as that would get the medical profession off my case, but then that would involve counting pounds, which I don't agree with. Hmm.

- yoga: once a week

- RHS: finish the damn course already

- career: I need to find a job more flexible than Wyevale. It was great to achieve this goal, and it's boosted my confidence, but something needs to give as working Mondays is no good for me any more. A change in day would work, but my heart tells me moving on is probably better. But jobs with minimal non-weekend hours are hard to come by, and I still want to look after the child. I have faith something will happen here :)

- singing course: they had a saturday class at the Folk house that just got you to open your mouth and sing. I'd love to do that - boundary pushing in a cool way :) They don't have it this term, but they do have a day school in conversational Spanish :)

- spam: every time I see a piece of unsolicited mail, I will unsubscribe or report it as spam
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(1) Eat healthily for the majority of the time. Wholemeal toast, salad and yoghurt in the day, and many less snacks
(2) Start running again during my February holiday. Do the Race for Life, then a 10k in the Autumn
(3) Go to yoga class once a week
(4) Stretch out after exercise
(5) Totally quit smoking when I go back to work in May. "One or two" always ends up as "five or six"
(6) Organise a wedding and a marriage. Without losing my marbles or killing anyone.
(7) Get a tattoo of the Maes Howe dragon.
(8) Keep my allotment together all year
(9) Finish my RHS course.
(10)Get a new job. One that I don't hate. For one day a week, ideally in Stroud.
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Well, that's Christmas over, and a fine one it was too. Christmas Day was spent burying Ben in toys and wrapping paper, then family visits Boxing Day and the 27th. All good, despite last minute ass-fiddling by my brother about Boxing Day arrangements. That's a post in itself that I'm going to leave for another day.

Today I'm mostly building a raised bed in my garden with the help of my spangly new utility knife. In other tool news (not related to my sibling :P) I got a wicked garden shredder for Christmas. Shred-tastic.

New Year's resolutions:

The super get fit one. I really want to lose some weight and get fitter. Mostly for Ben's sake now - I think he's going to be an energetic child, and I don't want him to be the kid with the fat mom when he gets to go to school. So, now he's less reliant on my body for nourishment, I'm going on a diet. And I'll keep going to yoga at least once a week, and start running again in the spring.

Organise a wedding. Without losing my marbles or killing anyone.

Get a tattoo of the Maes Howe dragon.

Finish my RHS course.

Get a new job. One that I don't hate.

I'll fine them up later - have tea to drink and things to staple. Happy New Year to y'all :)))

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