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I took my old website down and rebuilt it Joomla. Partly for the professional experience. Partly because it was getting out of hand. Partly because I have more ambition for it than a photo dump. I remember I used to post my photos here too. There seems no autposter to cross post to FB and LJ, so what I've done so far:

Belas Knapp

Orford Ness

Spurn Point

The Alhambra Palace

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Photos from holiday to Llyn Peninsula are up:
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Went to Scotland to visit in-laws for the weekend. Both in-laws were very lovely, which was a bonus as what I'd really gone to Scotland for was the Ansel Adams exhibition in Edinburgh. That absolutely rocked. The depth and detail on the prints was amazing, and something you can't really capture in other reproductions. Contrary to what my ex used to tell me, you really do have to step away from the internet to appreciate some things. We also trailed the other guy in the exhibition around for a bit. It gave me a huge wanderlust - I miss the sea, I miss the mountains; I want to go back to Canada or the American West and see the landscapes.

We had curry four times in three days. I don't actually want to see curry again for a while now. We also stayed at the Raj Hotel - an Indian themed hotel in Edinburgh that I can highly recommend. All good.

In other news, I'm embroiled in a battle with the recycling collectors. My stuff hasn't been removed for 5 weeks now (except 0ct0pus took it yesterday, probably to stop me bitching). Always for some petty reason that isn't actually true. I follow the recycling rules to the letter, not because I'm a natural rule-follower, but because I pick my battles. Some things aren't worth the time it takes not to do them right. Anyhow, this is annoying me.

And finally - goals for April. Chunky but attainable - lose 5lbs, run 5km in 40 minutes, send off my RHS test papers.

Bloody cat

Mar. 25th, 2008 10:32 pm
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New photos:

Let me know if there are any broken links - the cat's been camping on my laptop :/

New photos

Feb. 7th, 2008 09:09 am
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Only garden ones so far - taking me a little while to remember how to do these things....
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Desperately trying to sort out my various bits of virtual real estate so I can catch up on three years of backdated photo posting. I have a new webspace, which I've started to build up. Need to clear the old one, though, and everything is in a pickle from being left for years. Arse.

Also on an emotional rollercoaster of a job application. More on that another day. Distracting myself with OTT work generally hides the problem, at least in the short term, so here we go:

Kent trip )

Anyhoo, files have nearly finished moving across the ether, and I should go to bed soon. Off I go...
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I like to start a break with a bit of a tidy up. Especially when that gets rid of the mountain of bits of paper that have been obscuring my desk at home for weeks now. I've improved the layout of my room - there's a new bookcase to give some nursery space, and my dad's set of shelves is now on my desk, which I'm really pleased with.

Other than that, from now on I'm limited to one useful chore around the house per day. The only exception to that is anything to do with plants or photos - I can do as much as I want there as they're both relaxing and sadly neglected right now. It'll be good to catch up.

Basically, I don't have to go back to work until the 23rd. Woot!

One thing - I want to get myself a cheap printer. Colour would be nice, along with low running costs (although I'm not going to print much). The crunch is that it needs to work with Linux (specifically Ubuntu). This is the sort of thing I hate organising with Linux, so if anyone knows one that will work...

We had our first ante-natal class yesterday. Along with the expectant couple from hell - they've had sickness, diabetes, waters breaking, separating pubis, wrong shaped coccyx, and the local nappy scheme didn't cover the expensive american nappies they'd had their eye on ;) Seriously, I've been blessed with an easy pregnancy, and I really do have sympathy for them. But some people just seem to be disaster areas that you can spot coming...

My mum's still ensconced in hospital. Which is great, because as she's now one week clear of any vodka consumption, she's actually reasonably pleasant company. Physically she's knackered - she can't even sit up of her own accord. If I were more religious, I would say that that sort of alcoholism is a demon possession - it sucks you dry of everything, then just re-animates you into a vicious banshee. Here's hoping it'll last a couple of months. Wouldn't it be great if she were sober for the birth of her first grandchild?*

* I know that this is probably hideously unrealistic, but it doesn't seem to help anything much to assume the worst is going to happen, so I'm just going to hope for the best

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