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The sprog has become really interested in electronics and how circuits work. Obviously this is something I want to foster - I had an electronics kit when I was young and it set me up for a lifetime of happy soldering and fixing. Plus, post apocalyptic skills FTW. He is, however, only 4. Albeit a smart 4. I had my on on this:

Anyone have any better ideas?
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Answer = no. One child is enough for anyone, IMO. Or more realistically, it's a bit like vegetarianism in that I can't understand why people eat meat/have many children, but they do seem to just carry on doing it. On a global and personal level, there aren't enough definite resources for more than one, so I'm going to ignore all the good advice (like I usually do) and just carry on with the solo sprog.

Another thought is that I don't actually have any need for more than one - octomule has turned into such a lovely, balanced little 3-boy that I don't really see what more kids would add to the mix. Although to be fair, I never particularly saw what one kid would add to the mix, and the whole thing has turned out far better than it had any right to on paper.

3-boy has just had his third birthday. He seems to enjoy pretty much everything in life, and frequently states that he LOVES X, Y or Z, where those factors can be surprising things like salad and David Bowie (OH, I LOVE ALADDIN SANE!). He struggles with getting enough sleep, although we're just working through that, and apart from balking at the word "no" it's only tiredness that puts him in a temper. Sometimes he looks just like one or the other of my parents. He loves playing outside with water and plants, and being a naked baby. He's not that mad on toys with no constructive purpose (he likes tools and his cooker) but he loves books and reading :)

He's a good kid :)
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One thing I've been missing since becoming a momma is my own little jaunts. Random rambles, unnecessary public transport, unexpected meetings and revealing shortcuts. It's just not that easy with a baby, and time away from the sprog is at the best both difficult and guilt inducing.

Anyway, the sprog is older and more flexible about how he spends his time, so we took a camping trip to Charmouth. I used to holiday there when I was a kid, and again while I was at uni, so toddling down the M5 to the strains of Thin White Rope was pleasantly nostalgic. We were comfortably stuffed with Chicitos lunch (the child preferred Vegetable Fajitas to chios - whodathunkit?) so sprog fell asleep pretty much after the Avonmouth Bridge, and I meandered happily down and off on the A358.

There was a teeny bit of a tits-up at this point - recently I've visited East Dorset rather a lot, so automatically started for Weymouth on the A37 as soon as I had an option, which meant I was too far north and slightly too east by the time my innate sense of direction kicked in. And I was tempted to just go straight on to the normal campsite, but instead I stuck some Spirit on the CD player (love that album at the moment) and started cross-country along teeny-tiny meandering lanes, just following my nose.

And I'm glad I did. I saw some beautiful tiny little villages with golden dorset stone cottages, and remembered how much I liked Crewkerne. I also nearly ran over some lamas (or maybe alpacas) that were being grazed on the verge, nodded to a lot of random motorists coming the other way across narrow bridges, and saw some fab gardens. Even the dark fog didn't dampen my spirits and I found my way from the wrong place to the right place via tiny lanes without looking at the map.

After refuelling and doing tyre pressures at Bridport(*), child woke up and we got to the site in about 15 minutes, pitched tents, ate beans and played in the park. Or rather, sprog played in the park while I sat on a bench and drank beer. And this was ok, as it was posh beer in a Caravan and Camping Club site, which pretty much let you get away with anything once you've paid membership. I offer the huge percentage of "strictly adult sites" in their brochure as evidence ;) Actually, I did play a bit, as the sprog thought my throwing a slightly flat pink football through a netball hoop was absolutelyfeckinhilarious.

We watched bats (AND A FROG), had a shower and fell asleep under the same duvet. And the next morning we woke up to rain, which was not forecast and sucked a great deal. I got us both dressed and started breakfast, then a lovely posh lady took pity on us and invited us into her static caravan for breakfast. I nearly refused out of politeness, but I had forgotten the coffee...

Anyway, she made me really nice coffee - two cups - and egg on toast. I might well send her a thank you card. She was also a bit scary in that she hated her husband and daughter-in-law and mostly openly bitched about them, and seemed to want to adopt me and Sprog instead. She was nice overall, though, and I do like just meeting random folk and chatting.

And then it had stopped raining so we packed up and went to Lyme Regis, which was chilly. Doing these things is always a bit disappointing - you expect the sprog to scamper excitedly on the beach, throwing stones and paddling. And the reality is that they whinge for ice-cream and rides on the Bob-the-sodding-builder digger that they could play on in Morrisons. But it was still fun, and he was knackered enough to sleep all the way home. And the drive home was sunny, non-circuitous, and fuelled with Purdeys and Scampi Fries.

(*) I wish mechanics would stop misreading the tyre pressure in the manual. I know they look up the correct version of my car in the table and read 2,6. Then I'm pretty sure they inflate it to 26 PSI thinking that 2,6 is just a "funny French way" of writing 26 PSI. But it's not - that's the Euro-pressure, and there's a conversion table right underneath that says 2,6 = 38 PSI. And that converted tyre pressure has the added advantage of not leaving the tyres looking all soft and bulgy :P


Aug. 17th, 2009 08:06 pm
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Been on a break from running, in that I haven't run since Thursday, and I won't be running until tomorrow. I've been really enjoying it recently; sort of achieved a new plateau in fitness (well, a mini plateau for the rest of the world, but a definite improvement for me) and happily starting to embrace some of the ideas around meditational running and Chi Running. I actually think I was mostly there anyway, but validation is aways nice.

In short, there was nothing wrong and everything right about running. Which in my philosophy book is the perfect time to take a break, do some yoga and let my knees and ankles take a well-earned break. Even though I miss the endorphins :(

Anyway, while not-running, I realised how much I missed yoga. I also took several warm baths and went to Minehead for the first time ever, which was really a far better experience than I would ever have predicted. The child was, however, a bit of a pest, so the mission to take him away on my own has been aborted. Sometimes you just need to be gentle with yourself :)
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Work sucked yesterday. Possibly because I'm really not well. Absolute exhaustion, achey bones and moderate nausea are the symptoms - haven't found a cure, yet. Work may have just sucked, too - the jury's out on that.

Watched "Burn after Reading" at the weekend - very enjoyable.

Sprog is walking - just in time to avoid benchmarks, worry etc. He's very pleased with himself - watching his fat-bottomed exultant waddle is a joy.

Lack of shampoo is working for me. My hair doesn't look all glossed and separate, but it does look healthy, shiny and natural. Like it's clean, but you haven't shampooed for a few days. I like it, although I do have vague pangs for that glossy look, each hair smoothed, separated and siliconed into place. I have some minor scalp itch, but I have some searing bleeding scalp itch before the experiment, so I'm not too bothered by that right now. I'm thinking a few drops of tea tree oil might help.

I'm also now an official stroller at Westonbirt. Had to do some training and "pass" but now officially there. Yay me!
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Thank god, really. My last day in the office for my "old job contract". Actually, it's not all been bad. It's made me remember what I didn't like about the place, and how glad I am not to be returning. But it also gave me a twinge of nostalgia, and a reminder that this is somewhere where, although I might not have excelled, I certainly succeeded (both socially and workwise), often against all the odds.

The worst thing about it has been missing the sprog. I've been pounding 3-day weeks for a while (oh, the pain!) and I feel like the world's worst mother. God knows how people deal with a full working week, and thank the deities that I never got myself into that financial position. The sprog is making more and more forays into the world of walking, and I will be glad to get back to spending more time with him. I have Monday and Tuesday with some (nicer) commitments, then back to just one day a week for November.

The pain was made worse by scheduling a load of stuff over this fortnight to just try and cram the pain into one short stretch. I went on a drystone walling course with my brother, which rocked. I even enjoyed his company for a bit, when he wasn't bossing me about. He's learning to drive at the moment, which obviously qualifies him to give a running critique on my driving abilities from the point of view of what he doesn't realise is the callow learner.

In other work news, I was super-brave and screwed up my courage to go and talk to the local garden centre about jobs. Which paid dividends, as they seemed quite keen. I think I need to move fast on my gardening career, so that I can screw it up and bin it if it's not worked out in a couple of years.

The upside of this job is I'm nearly caught up on LJ. I'm aware I still have to do a meme-post on my childhood, but it would be a big document. Maybe I'll get time to do it on my NEW EEE-PC! Ahem ;)

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