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I finished my Women into Enterprise course today. I'm pretty sure I passed, and I'm getting a big buzz from that, but on the other hand I'm really sad that it's come to an end.

I also arranged to take a term's break from my Women's counselling group. My life is going to be stunningly unstructured.

Except I got another landscaping commission.

Last night I went to see "Nights at the Circus" at the Bristol Old Vic, and it was really good. Made me want to go off and re-read my Angela Carter.

I nearly got minced by a really evil white van driver on the M4 on the way home this morning.

And I'm on holiday next week. So no updates. Although I would finally like to type up my weekend in Rome.
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Well, one of the unexpected advantages of giving up smoking is that it seems to have made me very susceptible to the effects of other drugs. One cup of coffee sends me hyper, one glass of wine and I'm pretty drunk.

I was fairly assertive in my business group this morning, and took the time out of small group discussions on our business plans. Instead I actually wrote my business plan, which is pretty near finished.

Last night I watched Mirrormask. It was great. Completely trippy, and therefore what I'd expect from Neil Gaiman. The only negative point was that the main actor was a bit "stage school".
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Quite thought-provoking really.

In other news, I went on creativity and life-planning courses as part of my business course, and had loads of fun listening to all my old choons last night :)

Life is pootling on. Wish it wasn't Monday though :/
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I just finished the first draft of my marketing plan for my Women Into Enterprise course. I've been working at it all day, and it's been fucking challenging. There's quite a lot of difference between thinking it would be nice to have my own gardening business, and actually justifying its existence with facts and figures.

One thing that I'm coming up against is fear of putting myself out there. One method of marketing my services that I've come up with is leaflet delivery, and there's a lot of fear in there for me. I'm a very private person - the thought of delivering my baby into the hands of people from work, for example, is quite frightening.

I guess I don't have to put my name on them :)

Anyway, this is at least a job well done.
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Another busy week. I guess I get a kick out of being busy right now. Got loads done for my WIE course, but still have to do an elevator pitch (*gulp*) and a SWOT analysis, which I'll probably get done tonight. Thought of a name for my business though:



OK, so tomorrow I have a to-do list:

  • Polyfilla round door
  • Tidy up house plants
  • Mail letters
  • Pay in cheques
  • Swim
  • Hoover kitchen and lounge, mop kitchen floor
  • Unload dishwasher
  • Clear laundry rack
  • Plant salads
  • Get new wing mirror (*grmbl*)
  • Put fencing photos onto CD
  • Charge camera and phone
  • WIE stuff
  • Look up buses
  • Tidy room muddles

Last week's eating and exercise went well, apart from some snacking at the weekend. This week, I'm just going to try and get a swim in every day to boost my Channel Challenge score. Tuesday I'm off to the Frieda Kahlo exhibition with [profile] 0ct0pus.

Also wrote down a bunch of stuff that I needed to do around the house, which at least makes me feel theoretically in control of things :P

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