Jul. 13th, 2009

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Well, the sprog and I have managed about 30 hours together without injury, although it has been a close call at times. Most notably when he grabbed my favourite DVD, broke the cover across his knee and threw it across the room laughing. Potty training is difficult. I'm not sure whether I just need to have faith that it'll come together, or that he's too young to bother trying with right now. And my MIL phoned basically to tell me how this week should be easy because I only have one, not two like she had. So that took the wind out of my "managed a normal day with a two year old and a foul stomach bug" sails.

Did Judder on Friday night, which has been one of my goals for years. It was ace - mostly hogged the dance floor upstairs jiggling to the guest DJ with some wicked drum'n'bass. Got me into the mood for global gathering, and I'm pretty sure I'll be going again. Hopefully with [livejournal.com profile] ninneviane:)

I'm pretty much considering taking the web job I was re-offered, providing they bow to my childcare needs. Otherwise they can go piss up a rope and I'll carry on with the plan A. I've been guessing and second guessing what I want with it so I'll just tel the what I need and see what happens. Worst case scenario is putting the sprog into a creche one morning a week, and the conclusion I came to was that in all honesty it would be worse for me than for him.
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The thing I love best about gardening is that it's never finished. Every time I think I can kick back and take it easy for a bit, new things happen and new ideas spring to mind. A lot of what this blog will be about is charting those ideas and influences (and their effects) as they happen.

When I first moved into my house, it was the first chance I had to have a fixable garden. A reasonably sized terrace house sort of garden was a good starting project for someone who was sort of interested in gardening, but had never really tried it. I don't have many pictures of the arly garden, but when I first moved in it was a wilderness of bumpy lawn and waist high weeds, with some bizarre concrete block fish breeding tanks right by the patio. I'll try to find some early pictures showing some of the true horror!

It's slowly evolved over the years. The most recent landscaping I did was over the winter of 2008-09 - I wanted to get rid of the huge and mostly unused greenhouse and put a lawn in for the child to play on. I also had the idea of making an Arts and Crafts inspired garden (I'd visited both Hidcote and Rosemoor the previous summer) with "garden rooms". There's basically a patio, a veg room, a lawn and a more secluded and wild seating area at the far end at this point in time, but who knows how long that'll last?

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