Nov. 25th, 2012

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I've just read The Magus and The French Lieutenants Woman in quick succession, which ar ebooks I'd not read since my very early 20s. I know my parents really enjoyed them, so I naturally picked them up and read them and got a fair bit out of them.

It's interesting to read them again now. What I get a lot more of is the Hardy-esque nature of John Fowles work. My boyfriend at the time complained that he was horribly sexist in that he portrayed women as crazy borderline bitches (heh, can't argue there :P) but these days I seem to read in a fairly scathing condemnation of the sort of posh man who thinks he's awfully liberated but actually is a bit of a cock and ends up with egg on his face because of it.

I want to read The Collector, but I'm holding out for it getting voted in at bookclub :)

(He died a few years ago :()
cybermule: (books)
Bookclub choice. Sad that I failed to actually make it to bookclub that month, but there you go.

It's a good book, even though the main character was an insufferable dick. I think I've outgrown it a little - wish I'd read it in my 20s. Mostly it just reminded me of my twenties and the grinding nag of never having enough money.

Might as well shove in a picture of the Coryvreckan Whirlpool here - it's ace:

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